The Great Outdoors: The Best of Lake Jackson’s Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Tired of being cooped up inside? It’s time to get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy all that Lake Jackson has to offer. For a change of scenery, Lake Jackson is blessed with an abundance of lush and green outdoor spaces for your enjoyment. A large part of Lake Jackson’s historic charm is the city’s majestic oak trees that grace the streets and its commitment to keeping the outdoor spaces beautiful. From the many hike and bike trails to the family-friendly parks, there’s an opportunity to enjoy nature at every curve. In this blog, we fill you in on all the ways to enjoy the outdoors in LJ while still keeping a safe social distance from others.


Dunbar Park

Located in close proximity to the Brazos Mall, Dunbar Park is in an ideal location for all.  This park features a large community pavilion, and you’ll also find three smaller pavilions and areas to picnic and barbeque. This is one of the city’s biggest parks at 98 acres, so there’s plenty of room to spread out and toss a football or kick the soccer ball around. It’s flatter than some of the city’s other outdoor spaces, which makes it excellent for sports and exercise activities. 

Speaking of which, Dunbar also has LJ’s only public disc golf course! The 18-hole disc golf course is the perfect place to get outside with your friends for some friendly competition. Then afterward, enjoy a picnic at one of the four on-site pavilions with plenty of space to keep six feet apart from other visitors.


Morrison Park at Shy Pond

One of the city’s most beautiful parks, Morrison Park at Shy Pond (known just as Shy Pond by the locals), is perfect for families with kids. A smaller park with some hills, it’s the ideal place for a picturesque day feeding the ducks at the lake, fishing off the pier, and, once it’s fully reopened, playing on the impressive playscape. This park has several picnic areas, both in the green space and under the pavilion at picnic tables. You don’t want to miss the chance to watch a sunset here in the summer.


MacLean Park 

MacLean Park is found next to the Lake Jackson Recreation Center. A hub of activity in LJ, MacLean Park is home to many events and organized fun year-round. From a lighted basketball court to sand volleyball courts, this park has basically everything you could think of when it comes to sports. Additionally, it boasts a large pavilion, a food service building, and a stage with lighting capabilities – making it another great outdoor gem in LJ. 

MacLean Park’s state of the art facilities and softball fields, soccer fields, and tennis court have made it the epicenter of sports league activity in LJ. While there aren’t sports tournaments taking place right now, it’s still a great option to spread out, soak up some sun, and bring some yummy Lake Jackson take-out for an afternoon with your family.

Hike and Bike Trails 

Looking to fit in a morning jog or power walk? Lake Jackson definitely has some great options for you to try! The city of LJ has 15 parks and sports fields that are skillfully managed by the city, as well as eight expertly maintained hike and bike trails for residents and visitors to enjoy on foot or by bike. These include:

  • Brazosport College: A quiet trail nestled under a romantic canopy of trees just behind Brazosport College
  • Dixie Drive: A populous trail that runs down Dixie toward Brazoswood Dr.
  • Dow Centennial: A paved trail that takes you from MacLean Park to a beautiful Texas Forestiera swamp and wetlands
  • Dunbar Park: A trail that guides you through the sizable Dunbar Park
  • MacLean Park: A fitness trail to walk, jog, or bike through MacLean Park
  • Oak Drive: A cleanly paved trail that takes you through classic downtown LJ
  • Oyster Creek Drive: A lengthy trail accompanied by the stunning oak trees of Oyster Creek Drive 
  • Wilderness Park: A scenic trail near the stunning Wilderness Golf Course and gorgeous Gulf Coast Bird Observatory 

As several of these trails run through the aforementioned parks, there are many ways to be a witness to the beauty of LJ. However you enjoy getting your fix of the outdoors, Lake Jackson has plenty of offerings.


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