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Migration Station: Bird Banding at the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory October 1, 2019 Lake Jackson is a major cultural and scientific hotspot in coastal Texas! From art to theatre to natural sciences, this city’s got something for everyone. One of the crown jewels… Read More
Cleared for Takeoff – Explore the Mysteries of Space at the BASF Planetarium September 1, 2019 The world was over the moon when the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made it safely back home on July 24, 1969 following their incredible… Read More
Discover the City of Enchantment August 1, 2019 Nestled among numerous Oak trees and nature’s scenic beauty, this enchanting city, or LJ as the locals call it, was founded in 1941 to provide housing opportunities for employees of… Read More

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